AMMOA 2017

Design and application of functional architecture is an immediate challenge in chemistry. Owing to the coordinative flexibility, redox variation and existence of multiple metal centres coupled with the possibility of super-structure and hybrid materials formation, metal oxide based assemblies have emerged as an inorganic material of choice for designing of such diverse functional architecture. Since the structure is known in atomic details down to the last atom and the structure can be tailored following the functional requirement such assemblies have found applications ranging from catalysis, medicine to materials design. This meeting will present a synthesis of fundamental oxometalate design and their diverse applications from catalysis to medicine threaded together by their nanoscopic nature. The focus will be to demonstrate how as a coordination chemistry model system oxometalate nanoarchitecture branch out to diverse aspects of materials design that finally leads to diverse applications and it will highlight the efforts of Asian researchers in the milieu of leading international practitioners in design and application of metal oxide assemblies.

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